Best Practices — 10 July 2012
Why Electric Medical Records are Crucial

Electric medical records (EMR’s) are essential to any medical practice. Not only do they easily integrate into existing office systems, but they also enhance patient care, provide critical marketing tools, and efficiently decrease the amount of paper records being printed and stored. Specific benefits include:

Patient Care EMR’s offer access to a patient’s health care record in seconds. Physical therapists can determine specific treatments for patients by evaluating their health records and understanding what treatments will be most effective. Occupational therapy software offers a more effective means of treating patients.

Decision-making Management within a physical therapy clinic is an on-going process. Many physical therapists need some work managing the clinic’s strengths and weaknesses in order to make better decisions on clinical expansion and hiring. EMR’s have a pre-made record for scheduling staff within the practice plus statistics to illustrate where improvements can be made.

Coordination of Information  With the patient’s health care record available at the click of a button, physical therapists and other clinicians can coordinate their treatments and share valuable information anywhere from the local to national level. Physical therapy documentation aids therapists in staying updated with new information on injuries and treatments.

 Electronic billing  EMR’s enable practitioners to easily handle billing and reimbursement requests. It is vital for physicians to manage their income in order to continue to provide good service and pay the bills. EMR’s can also make it easier for practitioners to stay on top of patients on lien in a personal injury or worker’s compensation case. Sometimes cases can take longer than anticipated and practitioners lose track of payment. With electronic documentation, physical therapists can easily maintain records of payment.

  Public Health Information  EMR’s provide physical therapists with important health information that can aid them in tracking injuries and treatments. Coordination with information on health can be used to create better treatments for benefiting the public good.

  Environmental Benefits  With over 140,000 trees cut down every single day paper waste is a serious concern. With electronic recording, paperless information is stored and saved. Not only does it save our trees but also saves much-need space within a clinic.

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