PowerLiens.com Adds Pain Management as a New Specialty

As of February, PowerLiens.com continued to expand its directory by adding a new specialty that attorneys have long sought out for their cases. Pain Management doctors are in constant demand by personal injury attorneys who are searching for doctors to work with them on their injury cases. This sub-specialty of the medical field is at the core of what these personal injury attorneys need for their clients and the Power Liens directory is now becoming the go to website to find these Pain Management practices.

Acute pain is a normal sensation that most feel when the nervous system fires off to warn us of possible injury. However, when that pain persists because of an injury sustained in an accident a pain management specialist is needed for treatment. Initial mishaps like a sprained back in a car accident can trigger symptoms of chronic pain that can last for weeks, months, and even years. When most individuals speak about chronic pain some common complaints are lower back pain, migraines, and neck pain. Because pain management is a sub-specialty of other medical fields, PowerLiens.com has added filters to allow attorneys to find the specific type of doctor they need. Attorneys will be able to filter their search results and find an Anesthesiologist, Neurologist, Orthopedist, Physiatrist (PM&R) in the pain management sub-specialty. Also provided are options for Spanish speaking, transportation provided, and expert witness.

About Power Liens

PowerLiens.com is a free directory for personal injury attorneys, their staff, and their clients who need exactly these types of doctors on liens. All they need to do is visit the website, type in the client’s location, and select the specialist they need. They will then find a list of all the doctors on liens of that specialty who are near the client. There is even a filtering function that allows users to narrow down their searches by key parameters such as office hours, languages spoken, and services offered.

To use Power Liens, simply visit http://www.PowerLiens.com. There is no sign-up or log-in required. They can also be reached by phone at 800-680-5526. More information on Power Liens can be found on this short video here.

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