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Physical Therapy After ACL Surgery

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the stabilizing ligament that runs through the middle joint area of the knee. It can be a devastating injury that will usually result in a year’s worth of rehabilitation to return to full activity. At that point it may still require extensive strengthening to return to full capacity. The most common way an ACL is torn happens through non-contact activities. Usually a sudden change of direction, landing awkwardly from a jump, and abrupt stop can cause the ligament to be damaged. After suffering one of these injuries, it will require some sort of reconstructive surgery. The wearing of a knee brace after the reconstructive surgery has no real significant effect on a person’s ability to recover from the ACL injury. New literature has recently shown that range of motion, strength, and functionality exercises will provide more beneficial results during rehab. Along with these findings, it is known that physical therapy should begin shortly after the surgery date. It is imperative that athletes start their treatment rehab early and maintain an aggressive mindset with its regularity. It will be somewhat strenuous and difficult for the athlete but it will result in a stronger return to all athletic/sport activities. Physical Therapy has made several leaps and bounds in the last few years and it is becoming a very viable option for treatment in many different areas of life. Physical therapy is now making a great contribution to the personal injury world helping automobile accident victims heal quickly and return to normal activities. Physical Therapy has made its way on the website as a category and will help provide personal injury attorneys with unlimited resources to help their client.


Injuries like an ACL can happen in any day to day activity. Although it is an unfortunate event in most cases it can be truly devastating when it is because of the negligence of others. In this situation seeking medical treatment will usually involve the help of a personal injury attorney. These personal injury attorneys will generally seek out an orthopedist that is able to do the treatment on a lien. The online directory has become the go to website for findings these types of doctors who work on a lien.

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