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Personal Injury Damages: What to Expect

Because of all the variables in a personal injury case, each case will have varying damages that can be awarded to the client. In most motor vehicular accidents there will be a component that is awarded to repair the property damage sustained in the accident. This portion is very cut and dry after the initial assessment is made on the vehicle. To go along with the property damage there are other areas where they injured partied can receive compensation. These damages are categorized as compensatory damages. This money will be the amount necessary to right the wrong that took place in the accident, with no awarded total to exceed that amount. Some of these damages may include:

  • Inconvenience
  • Pain & Suffering (Future and Present)
  • Loss of earnings
  • Lost future ability to earn wages
  • Drastic change to your body (i.e. scarring)
  • Future inability to succeed in societal norms

If the act of negligence is high enough there is another category of damages that will apply to the case. These “punitive” damages will apply if the act is aggravated by a few factors such as violence, malice, and/or oppression. In this situation, the legal system will allow the damages to exceed the normal value in order to punish the at fault party for such egregious acts. There are other types of damages as well that your personal injury attorney can explain to you based on your situations. Personal injury attorneys have a great working knowledge of injury law and will be the best source of credible information as you move forward with your case. Financial compensation is a great thing but overall recovery of health is the main goal of anyone injured. So not only will a personally injury attorney be able to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to, they will also find you doctors on lien who can treat you without you having to come out of pocket. The online directory has become the go to website for personal injury attorneys looking for doctors who treat patients on lien. The unmatched selection of specialties working on a lien makes this directory the place to visit if you want to return to full health without hurting your wallet.

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