General — 13 March 2013
Hit and Run Accident: What to Do?

It can be very startling to be involved in any motor vehicular accident. When the party at fault flees the scene and you are left to handle your injuries alone there are steps that you can take to ensure you receive compensation even if you don’t know who hit you. There are individuals who will try to avoid DUI or uninsured charges by leaving the scene of the accident. Even though hit and run charges are serious because of Federal Law, the party at fault does not always get charged appropriately. Although it may be tempting to chase down the person who flees the scene it is best to stay at the scene of the accident and protect yourself from someone who may be dangerous. Secondly, staying at the scene will give you the opportunity to gather information from possible witnesses. It is quite easy to forget key information when you have been in a traumatizing accident so that’s why it is crucial you speak with individuals who may have seen the accident. The next step is to assess your injuries. If you are injured it best to call the police or ambulance before you begin to speak with witnesses. Your overall health is the most important thing in this situation. If you have not sustained many injuries you can then proceed to the next step of gathering information about the accident. At this point you can take pictures of the scene as well as question individuals who may have seen the accident take place. Once you have gathered information from the accident the final step would be to contact a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney will be able to provide you with a free consultation that will help guide you through the final steps of your claim process. At this point, the attorney will take over the case and you will be able to focus on getting healthy. The first step for the attorney would be to find you a doctor on lien who can evaluate your injuries. These attorneys have knowledge of doctors who will work on a lien so you do not have worry about medical bills while your claim is being processed. With the arrival of the online directory personal injury attorneys’ lives have been made much easier. Normally a long process, these attorneys are able to find a doctor who will work on a lien with the click of a mouse. Also, there are select doctors on lien on the website that have received the company’s highest recommendation and have been labeled as their Preferred Providers. These are the best doctors to work with on any matter that is Personal Injury related.

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