General — 13 March 2013
Preventing Injuries with Child Seats

It is known that car seats are the most effective device when it comes to preventing injury to small children in an auto accident. However, it is also known that 3 out of 4 car seats are not properly installed and used. The laws of child seat usage varies by state but it is highly recommended that your children be placed in a protective child restraint until they are at an age when they can ride safely in a car without the use of a child seat. Along with the laws come recommendations from safety boards that will aid you in choosing the right seat for your child. Placing your child in the right seat based on their height and weight will make a huge difference if you are ever involved in a car accident. Another factor that may go unknown is that car seats have expiration dates. If you visit your local law enforcement agencies they will be able to help you select the correct car seat as well as check for proper installation and date of expiration. If you have been involved in a car accident and your child has sustained injuries, it is best that you get in contact with a personal injury attorney immediately. These individuals will be able to help you the process of getting your child the treatment and care they need without you having to worry about up front medical bills. Personal injury attorneys are able to work with doctors on lien who will treat their clients. To find these doctors’ offices attorneys currently use the website directory This will make the process of finding a pediatric doctor on lien for your child the easiest step in your ordeal. Power Liens has a very thorough list of doctors working on liens and they also have select doctors listed as Preferred Providers who are well versed in personal injury matters.

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