General — 15 March 2013
What is a Lien? Do All Doctors Work on Lien?

There is a common misconception that all medical offices treat on a Personal Injury Lien or Letter of Protection with an attorney’s office. In reality, the majority of doctors do not accept this type of agreement because of the perceived risk associated with treating patients waiting for a legal settlement. Some specialties such as chiropractic medicine have been more accepting of attorneys. This does not mean that only chiropractors are needed or used. In the past when an attorney searched for certain specialties that were thought to not work on a lien they would either have to use special connections or  scour through phone listings and call each individual office.

Although it can become a wise business decision for some practices to accept liens, most will not delve in to that area of revenue because of the associate risks. This leaves a shortage of doctors on lien who are willing to treat an attorney’s client at no up-front cost. To find these doctors can be a very tedious task but the online directory has taken on the task of making lien doctors easy to find. With well planned efforts by their research staff, Power Liens has listed some of the hardest specialties to find that work on a lien. Because of the attention these listed offices receive, it proves that attorneys are in need of these specialties and not all offices will accept lien payment. Being listed on can increase the Personal Injury departments of any practice because of the attention and traffic their site gets. Power Liens is free to use and armed only with an address and specialty needed, personal injury attorneys and their staff can find doctors with the click of a mouse.

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