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Letters of Protection for Common Car Injuries

In order to address the symptoms and possible treatments for injuries you may have sustained in a motor vehicular accident (MVA), it is important to understand some of the common complaints most accidents victims mention to their physicians. This article will break down the most common affected areas of the body and give you pointers on how to best seek treatment for you and your passengers. Head and neck injuries are very common in side impact collisions. The quick acceleration and deceleration of the brain can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can later result in seizures, headaches, and concussions.  Whiplash and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) injuries are also common injuries sustained in MVAs. To continue, internal injuries are also a very common occurrence for accident victims. Because broken ribs are such a common occurrence in these situations, several internal organs can see damage because of the broken ribs such as punctured lungs or torn spleens. Upper and Lower limbs also suffer in accidents by being broken/fractured. All these injuries can make it very difficult for one doctor specialty to properly diagnose/treat all the injuries correctly.

In the past, attorneys have sought out treatment for their clients in personal injury cases and have had difficulty finding obscure specialties able to work on Letter of Protection (LOP). The online directory is the solution to many of the road blocks that personal injury attorneys have faced in the past. Attorneys and their staffs have had to use many man hours to find doctors who can treat on a Letter of Protection and now with the arrival of Power Liens they can search a free online directory to eliminate those hours. has over 4,000 medical providers listed on their directory that cover 20+ specialties and all work on Letters of Protection (LOPs). Personal injury attorneys across the state of Florida, California, Arizona, and Illinois are able to search this online directory armed only with their clients’ address. Letter of Protection doctors are hard to find, so also offers a Research Team that will be able to help find you an unlisted doctor in the states they operate.

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